OBD-Killer Premium

  • Cyclic checking for pending fault codes
  • Isolation of individual fault code classes (cat, egr, turbo etc.)
  • Preserved OBD functionality by parallel installation

The OBD-Killer Premium (OKP) cyclically deletes the pending and existing OBD fault codes. Fault code classes can be isolated. If a fault code occurs outside the expected fault code class, the deletion process stops. Thus, the functionality of the fault code memory is preserved.


Catalyst change, downpipe installation, power increases, etc. Can be used on all OBD vehicles with CAN-Bus (from 2008).


The premium version of the OBD killer is connected directly to the CAN bus lines behind the OBD diagnostic connector.

Advantage compared to the standard version:

By this kind of parallel installation the OBD diagnostic connector remains free. This allows the workshop to connect a diagnostic tool at the same time.

The OBD-Killer Premium is available in two versions:

The OKP.KAT is programmed to delete any pending fault code belonging to the cat class (P0400 etc.). If a fault code occurs outside of this class, the OBD-Killer stops deleting..

The OKP.ALL is programmed so that any pending or permanent fault code is deleted.

If necessary, other fault codes or entire fault code classes can be deleted with an individual firmware programming - just contact us!


Technische Daten
Application cars from 2008 onwards
Power supply 6-30V DC
Current consumption min. 10 mA
Current consumption max. 35 mA
Temperature range -40°C / +125°C
Protection grade IP65 (by request IP68)
EC type-approval E1 certified, EMC approved