Single roller 4wd dyno

New since February 2016!

Rotronics dynamometer by Dynosens

Rotronics, the French specialist for dynamometers, delivered us in February 2016 probably the most accurate single roller 4wd dynamometer:

Rotronics Autoscan Fi X4+

Rotronics Scheitelrollen-Allrad-Leistungsprüfstand Autoscan Fi X4 Plus
The latest driving stability and propulsion systems required the purchase of a new four-wheel dynamometer to remain competitive.

Our specifications were

  • maximum precision
  • maximum repeatability
  • axle synchronization to 300 km/h

Almost a whole year claimed the search for the perfect chassis dyno. After a trip to France, extensive tests and many discussions, we were sure that Rotronics is delivering the best four-wheel dynamometer with axle synchronization!

Thanks to the ISO-Speed axle synchronization, every vehicle - no matter which drive system - can be driven on the dyno, just like on the road. The enormous precision and the powerful software in the background make this dyno a perfect tool for tuners.

Technical details 4wd dyno

Eddy current brake(s) 2x400kW
Max. engine power 941kW/1280hp
Max. wheel power 800kW/1088hp
Max. speed 300 km/h
Max. error < 0.1 %
Wheel base 210-330cm
Roller diameter 60cm

Technical details ventilation system

Wind speed 170 km/h
Cold air volume 16.000 m³/h
Waste gas exhaust 18.000 m³/h