Exhaust Flap Control OBD

Flap Control enables the integration of exhaust flaps in compliance with the law of your country. Flap Control is a user-programmable control system for pneumatic exhaust flaps, which can be universally installed to all vehicles from 2008 onwards.

  • Universal installation to all cars from 2008 to the OBD diagnostics port
  • Programmable via USB according to rpm, load and speed
  • Separate mapping for standing and driving condition
  • Cyclic fault code clearing for catalyst faults (P0420 etc.)
  • Engine protective function via engine speed
  • Adjustable timer for flap opening from engine start

Driver's request

Flap Control primarily converts the driver's request and opens or closes the exhaust flap(s) according to the switch position in the cockpit. In order to achieve legal compliance, Flap Control overrides the driver's request if necessary.

Standing condition

Flap Control detects the vehicle is stationary and overrides the driver's request in the area of stationary noise measurement according to engine speed.

Driving condition

Flap Control closes the exhaust flap depending on speed, speed and various load parameters. The opening takes place as a function of vehicle speed or - for engine protection - as a function of the engine speed.

Cyclic fault code deleting

The use of sports catalysts often leads to fault codes referring to the catalyst efficiency. Flap Control detects and deletes already pending fault codes, so that it is not stored in the fault code memory.

Technical details  
Application cars from 2008 (CAN-ISO15765)
Power supply 12 or 24 volts
Switching input digital 0-5 volts
Switching output 2 outputs max. 24V/2A
Temperature range -40°C / +125°C
Protection grade dust and waterproof IP68
ECE-type approval E1-certified, EMC approved