100% Flexibility

Our high-performance production team makes us the perfect partner for smaller projects. Prototypes, small series or changes can be implemented quickly and flexibly.

100% OEM quality

We consistently apply the quality requirements of our customers from the automotive industry to each of our assemblies and manufacture all components in original equipment manufacturer quality!

In the automotive sector, the automotive industry regularly demands IP65 protection. Since our products are also used for trucks and agricultural and construction machinery, we go beyond just one step further: we manufacture all products for close-to-the-engine installation in the almost highest protection category IP68 (protection against dust ingress and continuous submersion) as well as components for the extended temperature range (-40 ° C to + 125 ° C).

100% Made in Germany

Our high quality standard demands a constant control of all manufacturing processes. To ensure this, even the external work steps (eg assemble boards and soldering) are commissioned exclusively in Germany. Final assembly, programming and functional tests take place exclusively in our house.